Ladies Brushed Cotton Flannelette Nighties


It's been a few years since ladies brushed cotton flannelette nighties were available in the catalogue. This year, Vikki James flannelette nighties are again available in plus sizes while we are also stocking UK brand, Slenderella, for the first time in both flannelette nighties as well as a cotton interlock nightie. Slenderella has extensive sizing range including plus sizes. French Country have introduced a brushed cotton flannelette nightie range as well and those will be available as soon as we have some images to upload.

What is brushed cotton flannelette? Brushed cotton flannelette is normally a pure cotton woven fabric with a lovely soft touch due to one side being "brushed" to fluff the fabric for extra warmth. Due to the brushing, a thicker cotton is normally used. The cotton created from this is warmer than normal woven cotton, but still breathable, and is used extensively in sleepwear and winter bed sheets. There is nothing better on a cold night than to snuggle into a flannelette nightie or pyjamas, and the comfort of flannelette bed sheets.

So what is the difference between brushed flannel twill and cotton flannelette? Brushed cotton twill is also made from cotton but the weave has a tighter twist, producing a much finer cotton which is also more expensive to buy as well. It's rare to find a brushed cotton twill nightie except in high end sleepwear and home wear boutiques.

Brushed cotton flannelette nighties vary from style to style. Some have collars, others just have a high round neck. Most have a front button opening. Flannelette has no stretch so the body needs to be generous. Long sleeves are a must, being a winter fabric, and elasticised wrists are ideal as they help keep the sleeves in place. Lengthwise, they should fall below the knee.

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