Love and Lustre cotton silk nighties

If you need a very fine cotton fabric to cope with the Australian summer heat, you cannot go wrong with Love and Lustre's cotton silk nighties. Cotton silk is a premium fabric with a very soft feel and is also much cooler against the skin than pure cotton. Normally about 30-35gsm thick (cotton voile is about 65-75gsm thick), with the cotton content at 65-70% and silk at 30-35%, it is a very fine and light fabric that translates into the most comfortable and breathable garments. The wearer will wake up feeling cooler and fresher than with any other cotton or cotton blend fibre.

Love and Lustre have been manufacturing cotton silk nighties for several years. The designs are elegant, uncluttered, without any need for embellishments, and easy care. Being knee length, they  will appeal to ladies of all ages. They also make practical and thoughtful gifts.

Being a delicate fabric, we recommend handwashing Love and Lustre's cotton silk nighties or using a wash bag on a gentle machine cycle. A gentle wash will ensure your nightie will last a long time.

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